Intersession offers help for retesters


Abagail Stewart

Freshman Leighroni Hurt gets extra help for the Science EOC test during intersession tutoring. Biology teacher Adrian Avila offered her extra help for Biology.

Abagail Stewart, Staff Writer

After the end of each term the students are given a two-week break before the next term starts. There is an Intersession week and then there’s just a pain week break. 

The first week of the two-week break is an intersession break. Intersession is an optional opportunity for students to bring their grades up before the grades are final. Intersession only happens for year-round schools. The goal of intersession is to decrease any learning gaps that may have occurred over the last year.

I think it helped because um I was able to remember a couple of things that I wasn’t able to remember and focus on a lot and um now I understand it,” freshman Elijah Lemmon said. 

Intersession consists of one week of classes on campus for select students. Intersession is only four hours a day with a break in between. Taking an intersession break will set a student on a fast track to success. It also enables a student to get ahead or stay on track of the goal to graduate. Taking an intersession break helps students get ahead on their educational plan, and transfer or graduate, sooner than expected.  

“I think it’s to help students and um you know students who are failing of course um get them up to par teacher they can get extra pay you know students who don’t come have time off, so I think it helps everyone all around,” sophomore Nicholas Galindo said. 

Going to intersession decreases stress and alimentally leads to better grades. It also allows a student to focus clearly on one class. Going to intersession break makes it easier to obtain an A with less stress during a semester. Intersession is a great time to explore new avenues and new fields. The main con of intersession is that it makes winter break shorter.  Going to intersession takes a lot of much succeed pressure off classes. 

“It helps because like sometimes students just really need the extra time with like face to face with a teacher without any other distractions,” freshman TayLnn Ousley said. 

Students tend to be more relaxed during intersession than during the semester. Intersession happens for year-round schools because it replaces summer school, and it takes places more frequently. A con of intersession though is that you don’t get a lot of time to yourself. According to the Pleasanton Unified School District intersession allows a student to make up 5 credits. The possibility of achieving better grades and graduating faster than expected are both important reasons a student should take intersession courses.

“If there year-round and they have an intersession one week for intersession, one week for catching up and one week for break,” PAP Biology teacher Adrian Avila said.