Cold feet for winter formal

Low turnout for school dance


Desert-Rain Martin

Junior Sofia Hernandez receives the snow duchess award at the winter formal.

The winter formal dance on the 11 of February took place from 8PM to 11PM, but didn’t keep students interested, leaving many students that attended disappointed.

“It was very disappointing honestly,” junior Desert-Rain Martin said. “It was kind of not what we were expecting.”

Students were disappointed in the food that was served to them during the dance. No full meals were provided and only small appetizers were served throughout the night.

“I thought there was going to be more and that we were going to be able to pick our own food but it ended up being that we got one of each appetizer and it was served to us,” Desert-Rain said. “One mozzarella stick, one taco, one jalapeño popper, a cookie, and then they had like little finger sandwiches.”

Other students know from past experiences that the food wasn’t going to be that great, considering what was provided for previous school dances.

“Usually they never really have good decent meals provided,” senior Sofia Acosta said.

Some students ended up having high hopes for the food and the fun, and wished they had went instead of staying home.

“I think it would’ve been fun if I would have gone and the food would’ve been really good too,” sophomore Abagail Stewart said.

Many students, who attended the dance or didn’t attend the dance, have decided that the price wasn’t worth it in their opinion.

“I knew it wasn’t going to be worth it and that’s why I didn’t go,” Sofia said. “The price wasn’t terrible but wasn’t great either.”

Students also compared the prices to winter formal dances of other schools in the district.

“I don’t think the price was worth it because I know that Jefferson’s was only fifteen bucks,” Desert-Rain said. “Ours was twenty-five.”

According to students, not many people dressed up for the Winter Formal. It was kept at more of a casual theme, even though the theme was formal.

“I would say like a third was formal? And then two-thirds was casual,” Desert-Rain said.

Many of the students that attended the Winter Formal had left by the time the event was halfway done, which influenced more attendees to leave. People who stayed mostly just sat down at the tables and got on their phones.

“It was fun for the first hour and a half and then people started leaving, and as people started leaving more people started leaving so there was just not that many people,” Desert-Rain said. “People started sitting down and getting on their phones.”

Students hope to see more preparation for the school’s next dance in hopes of it being a better experience for everyone.

“It could’ve been better if more people knew about it. We started pushing out the information really late, but it could’ve been improved if we had more people there. We would’ve had better food and decorations,” Desert-Rain said.