Cap and Gown Orders

Graduation for seniors is coming up on June 14 which means caps and gowns are being ordered and are on their way! An amount of students haven’t had the chance to order the cap and gown yet. Other students think the price was too much, considering the graduates from last year got their caps and gowns for free.

“The campus received a grant which allowed us to give every senior a cap and gown,” student activity manager Julie Oshiro said.

A couple of students think it’s unfair that seniors have to pay for them. 

“I feel like it was just bad luck and bad timing. Things happen, and others will have to pay for it sometimes,” senior Sofia Acosta said.

Some students are upset that they have to pay such an expensive price for them. The original price of them before the December 7 deadline was forty-five dollars. After that deadline, the price was raised by thirty dollars, adding to a price of seventy-five dollars.

“I think maybe they shouldn’t have raised the price that much,” senior Valeria Sierra said. “An increase of thirty dollars is insane.”

Some students also think that the deadlines may have been too soon before the price went up. A lot of students transfer to Chapin High School halfway throughout the year, being a school that many military brats enroll into considering it’s one of the closest schools to Fort Bliss.

“I think it’s a little unfair to the students who may come in later on in the school year,” Sofia said.

Another reason that students may be late to ordering their gowns is because the topic of graduation in general is stressful. Some students may not want to accept the reality that graduation is so soon, and have expressed little to no excitement for it.

“I’m scared,” Valeria said, laughing. “I don’t know what to do after graduation, but I’m also excited to graduate finally.”

If you happen to fall under the category of people that missed out on the first few deadlines, do not worry! It is not too late to order them, but order as soon as possible as graduation is on June 14. The price isn’t going to be going up anytime soon, so you don’t have to worry about paying even more for it no matter how late you order. Talk to Mrs. Oshiro in room 135B to get started on your order. 

“Graduation hasn’t hit me yet,” Sofia said. “But when it does, there will be a lot of emotions.”