Spirit week comes up short


Students dressed up for homecoming spirit week. The theme was music and had a dress up like your favorite artist day.

Students like Mari Shangs have been unsure about the homecoming spirit week due to the lack of creativity. 

“I feel like the themes were boring or they were the same basically,” junior Mia Trivinllo said. 

Spirit week can be a time to dress in outfits they would not do so on a regular day, but the dress code could restrict some of the dress-up days. 

“I couldn’t come dress as some of the artist I listen to just because it’s so skimpy or scandalous,” sophomore Helena Clark said. 

The library had fun activities for students to do while spending lunch but did at times cut into class time. 

“It cut into our classes which was inconvenient,” junior Alexis Spiller said.  “I feel like Chapin didn’t put enough planning into it.” 

Students like sophomore Audrey Lopez and junior Annastasia Janeway did not agree with the theme for homecoming. 

“I feel like they could have picked a better theme for homecoming that is easier to decorate with and for the spirit days,” freshman Luna Hernandez said.  

During spirit week there were not as many participants as student council members expected. 

“Honestly, I think that the dress up days were kind of lacking creativity,” freshman Kelsey Tatsion said. 

Freshman Carlos Jonan thought there were some problems with the dress up days for homecoming week, but it didn’t ruin the festivities.

“It was fun to see some people dressed up,”  Carlos said.