Nurse Wins District Award


Leonel Monroy

Nurse Guerrero poses with her district award representing the Huskies.

Justice Harris, Staff Editor

In celebration of National School Nurse Day, El Paso Independent School District commemorated our very own registered nurse, Yvonne Guerrero. On May 11, she was awarded the ‘Nurse of the Year’ title after being carefully nominated by her peers. 

“It was a huge honor for me to have been recognized by my peers,” Guerrero said. “I look up to them every single day – they’re a huge inspiration for me, so it’s truly a privilege” 

The effects of her work are felt schoolwide. Her office tucked away in the corner of the main resource center, lets students like sophomore Erika Monroy know that they have a safe place to go. 

“When I go to the nurse, I know she’ll be there for me quickly,” Erika said. “Her office is always an option for me and I’m never afraid to tell her what’s going on,”

Coworkers also share positive sentiments about the selection. Nurse Stephanie Terrazas-Garmon accompanies Guerrero in the nursing office and has been able to see her hard work in action every day. 

“I couldn’t think of, honestly, a better person that deserved this award for, not just this year, but for all the years that I’ve been able to work with her side by side,” Terrazas-Garmon said. “She’s been an amazing coworker, so it wasn’t a surprise for me at all.” 

Nurses play a critical role in the school environment, and it is a gift to have two wonderful nurses who care, whether it be for a student with chronic illness or just one that’s having a tough day. 

 “I don’t think nurses do this for recognition,” Guerrero said. “I think that nurses are very selfless people, and we do this to help. I think it’s a calling that nurses do all of this for, so, to hear ‘thank you’s or the ‘hey you’ve been recognized as school nurse of the year’, it just truly lets you know that you are making a difference and what you’re doing is the best that you can do for these kiddos in your community.”