Kids and cancel culture


Desert-Rain Martin views TMZ “Breaking News” instagram post on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Recently there has been a lot of controversy in the media regarding celebrities and the decision to cancel them or not. What exactly does it mean for an artist and their fan base to be cancelled? 

“Some of my favorite artists like Mac Demarco and CUCO have gotten cancelled for their interactions with minors,” sophomore Jeremy Lozano said. 

Cancel culture forgets that celebrities are regular people. 

“I think that Kanye is just using Instagram as any other social media user. Everyone thinks that just because he’s a celebrity, he’s not allowed to speak his mind,” junior Jeremias Belmontes said. 

Fans usually have high expectations for their idols. 

“They idolize celebrities so much that they forget it’s a person with flaws,” Jeremy said. 

Others believe artists shouldn’t be able to keep their fame. 

“I think it should’ve been a career ending situation, Travis [Scott] shouldn’t have been able to come back from it and be successful,” sophomore Victoria Perez said. 

Cancelling does not always lead to the end of a career. 

“You can’t really cancel someone with such a big name because it only makes their fanbase stronger,” sophomore Adrian Lucero said. 

Backlash in the media does not always negatively affect an artist. 

“I think the Kanye and Kim divorce has made Kanye more successful than before. The hate drives him,” sophomore Ruben Lares said. 

Hate can motivate someone to change their behavior. 

“People can change and learn, and it doesn’t mean you can’t separate the art from the person,” Jeremy said.