And He Called It “Macaroni”

“The play is about Christopher Columbus discovering a new world and he has these fantasies, and his wife, unfortunately, put him in the insane asylum and he has these several delusions about these different characters and in the end, it works out and he gets to go on his boat to discover the new world,” Zachary Vasquez said.

The play “And He Called it ‘Macaroni’” was this last weekend November 4-6.

“I am very nervous for the upcoming play because it is my first time actually performing on stage, when I first joined theater, I was a crew member, so I was mainly backstage,” Justyce Smith said.

Justyce played Chris’ mother, the newscaster, and the ensemble in the play.

“In Ritchie’s words, I am ghost number two, but I am given a name, I am the spirit of Christmas future,” actor Fredric Mill said. “I am pretty much death in a Christmassy sort of way.”

This is Fredric’s first time being in theater both the class and the production.

“I think my favorite scene is the most dramatic is the Andromeda scene with Chris, she is singing to him about going back to find the new world because he decides he doesn’t want to go back to go find the new world. I think it is a low point for the character and it shows how traumatized, and it really shows the climax,” Fredric said.

The scene that he is talking about is towards the end when Christopher Columbus sees all the times and ends up with his friends Andromeda and Ethel Mermaid on Broadway.

“My favorite scene is the end of act one because I get to throw my co-actress across the stage and pull her hair,”  Zachary said. “She is the mistress that Chris is having an affair with, it is our fight scene.”

The scene is when Isabella the mistress queen sees Fran at the insane asylum, and they start fighting and insulting each other.

“At first I was really nervous about the whole production I didn’t necessarily think it came out as well as it did,” Zachary said. “I am grateful that it was enjoyable for the audience to watch.”

The theater team almost had a full house on opening night and they could hear laughing from backstage.

“I didn’t expect meeting people and actually being friends with them,” Frederic said. “I would do theater again and I wish I started it earlier.”

The play was put together in two and a half months with each practice getting harder and harder.

“The costumes changes are the hardest part because there are so many,” Justyce said.”And it is so fast.”

Most of the characters had to change anywhere from two to eight costumes in the duration of the play.

“I joined theater because I have always had a passion for performing on stage whether it be my instrument or my voice or becoming a character and it’s always been in the back of my head when I was little,” said Zachary, co-director of the play. “I used to dance all the time and take the spotlight away from people. I started in 8th grade, and this is going to be my fifth year.”