Mask mandate lifted for vaccinated on Fort Bliss

Lilly Morrow, Staff Editor

The 7th Amended Fort Bliss Work Safe Live Safe order was released 14 May. People who are two weeks past their final Covid-19 vaccination, do not need to wear masks on Fort Bliss, with some exceptions. 

Places such as the Main PX still need everyone to wear a mask. Mother of two children in EPISD schools, Jasmin Morrow, disagrees with having to wear a mask in the Main PX, while not having to wear one in the mall area. 

“Which makes absolutely no sense,” Jasmin said. “So, I think this is ridiculous, but there’s a lot of things here on post on regulations that got put out there that are just insane. I mean it took them how long until the soldiers were able to eat off post?” 

Freshman Kane Muzik thinks that having mask requirements for the Commissary and “certain general stores” makes sense. 

“There are still at-risk groups that need to go out,” Kane said. “Restaurants and stuff like that, I can understand if they don’t want to keep the masking policy.” 

Bryan Morrow, husband of Jasmin Morrow and fully vaccinated, and does not plan to wear a mask in areas that do not require it. He believes the purpose of the vaccine “is to get things back to normal.” 

“Part of that is, one getting vaccinated and then once you’ve been vaccinated people see that you don’t wear a mask and they understand that you’re vaccinated,” Bryan said. “And hopefully that will entice or motivate other people to get the vaccine.” 

Jasmin, also vaccinated, wears her mask less, but does not feel ready to “toss it away” completely. She also plans to wear her mask with her son. 

“My husband is fully vaccinated, and my daughter had her first shot,” Jasmin said. “But our son, he will turn ten in August, is not, so he’s still required to wear it. I feel kind of bad for him that we all have the freedom not to wear it and he has to.” 

Jasmin believes there are people that understand they should get vaccinated, will do so, and will continue living their lives. But she also thinks there are people that are “selfish.” 

“You have those people, they’re just mad about everything and say, ‘it’s not fair’ and ‘they don’t want to be vaccinated cause it’s all poison,’” Jasmin said. “And then they also say it’s their decision if they get sick or not. I could see them being more of the troublemakers.” 

Jasmin has heard people discussing and getting angry about some stores requiring masks regardless of whether they are vaccinated. 

“I think it’s also like they require for you to wear shorts and a shirt and it’s their policy,” Jasmin said, “and you’re going to do it and if not just stay out of it.”