Lockdown orders continue, people find new ways to pass time

Jesus Diaz, Reporter

People around the globe are being forced to stay at home due to the coronavirus and with a lot of time on their hands some of these people are doing some work on their home gardens.

Gardening adds a certain aesthetic to your home and it a way to spend time during stay at home orders.

“I can’t go to work so I went to Lowe’s and bought pots, some dirt, and some flowers and I started doing some work,”  Elsa Gutierrez said. “I have always been great with plants and I think that now is a great time to do some improvement on my home.”

Elsa’s neighbor saw the work that she was doing and got some inspiration of her own.

“All these plants just made her house look so alive and I wanted some of that in my own home,” Mary Vellamontes said. “I have been doing repair to my new home since we moved in and I think some flower beds would be a perfect addition.”

Locals have been working together to help each other improve their gardens mutually. 

“She came to my house [Elsa] to ask me for some plants and some advice for her garden and I was glad to help,” said Joyce DeLeon, who has been doing gardening all her life.