Students split on school safety

Antonio Chaparro, Reporter

                                                              Feeling Safe 

While some people feel that Chapin should be a safe school since we are right next to the largest base in the United States, some students say otherwise. I interviewed six different students and here is what they stated.  

“I feel safe because I know there is security in my school, and I know they are ready for anything.” Freshmen Alan Garcia said. “I feel safe because I really haven’t experienced anything that would scare me or anything that I felt scared about,” 

“I don’t feel safe because people are crazy and we never expect anything, we don’t know what can happen and I don’t know if security to deal with crazy stuff.” Freshmen Christian Lugo said. 

“No because that security is out of shape and they can’t do anything to help us.” Freshmen Andrew Villegas said. 

No they are not ready because I feel security is not ready to so anything to extreme, maybe they can deal with a fight but not a big situation like guns or anything like that.” Freshmen Kevin Varela said. 

Finally, I asked Freshmen Bryson Owens “No, we don’t have a lot of security and by the time they get there the guy may already be gone.” Freshmen Bryson Owens  

 When asked Mr. Jones If he thought security is good his answer was “Security is good, and I think that we should add more members.” Mr. Jones World Geography teacher said.