Schools benefit from shorter school day

Some schools think that the longer the hours, the more stuff students will learn. But the truth for most students is the longer the hours they’re in school the less they end up pay attention to things that teachers say. Not only students but pretty much everyone has a limited amount of power when it comes to working before getting tired and losing attention in what they are doing. Shorter school days may just solve all those problems.

“It can get stressful because a lot of kids do sports or go to clubs or something and by the time it’s over, they most of the time still have to do homework, study, eat, shower and manage to go to bed at an acceptable time,” junior Lisa Day said. “I don’t even do any sports and I still make it to bed past 12:00 am so I could imagine those who do after school activities.”

Long school hours may put much pressure on students’ states Neatoday. Many tend to slack off which can eventually be harmful for their education in the long run. Some walk to class slow or take forever using the restroom because they feel that time will pass by faster. If 10 minutes where cut from each class time would add up. The students will most likely go to their class on time, because the school day will be shorter and easier to handle. Neatoday also added having a shorter day will give students time to do things that don’t involve learning, like spending time with loved ones or eating out. They will be able to just enjoy their time as a kid and not be sitting in a seat for most of their day.

“Long school hours sometimes cause me to slack off and not really want to do my work because I go to bed late or by the end of the day, I’m so exhausted and my brain is just worn out” Freshman Abigail Gonzales said. “It would be a lot better just having a little bit more time for myself and I think many other people can agree.”

In the future most, jobs are longer than school hours, but the thing is that you get to chose which job you want and what you will like to do for a living. Though students don’t have a choice of whether they want to go to school or not and they can’t choose what they would like to learn either said Neatoday. Younger people shouldn’t have to work as long as some adults do. Shorter days can only be seen as a positive thing and would benefit students, teacher, and administrators. They also said students can gain more time for fun and still receive an excellent education.

“I get really tired throughout the day and I would love shorter school hours.” Says English teacher Mark Aguilar. “I do agree that everyone would benefit from a shorter day, I would even be able to go home and see my dogs earlier, so it’s a big benefit for me.”