Students take first shot at SAT

Alyssa Heredia, reporter

Teachers advised students to work on Khan Academy as much as possible. Some English teachers assigned an hour a week that counted as a grade, so it helped motivated students to actually practice and be prepared.

This past Wednesday, March 4, our juniors took the SAT. A lot led up to preparing for this test.

Students put this test as a number one priority and prepared for what scores they needed to have as they looked into certain colleges.

“Personally I don’t feel as this test will be so hard or complicated since we’ve done so much practice,” junior Yarizza Francisco said. “As I prepare for what scores I need for the college I want to go to, I’m confident.”

Some students had a positive outlook about the SAT, but they feel most of friends tend to feel more down about it. Students feel stressed or unprepared, they keep feel that they have a negative mindset because of the stress.

“This test is something I haven’t felt so positive about and I really just want to get over with,” junior Adam Hall said. “I haven’t put much thought into it since I’m still deciding what I want to do in the future.”

Students haven’t thought about or if they even want to attend college.

For some, having experienced the test and retaking it is how they hope to improve. Students fell their first try won’t  be the best. They know they have more opportunities to retake and get a better score.

“I’m well aware now what to expect and how much more I should practice to feel more confident next time,” junior Johnathan Mimbela said.  “I do feel positive in how I felt I did.”

The next SAT test date is May 2 with registration ending on April 3 and late registration until April 21.