The Amish Project

Senior actor Isaiah Carrillo is scared. He is in a Amish schoolhouse with a gun to the heads of six girls. The police are outside, and he only sees one way one out of the situation.

He shoots the girls and then the girls. The Amish community is scarred and devastated.

Senior actor Pedro Garcia speaks for the Amish and for his friend who lost both of his daughters after a man went to their school and shot them.

A very serious and sad play that brought a sense of dread to many. On February 6,7 and 8th, the Worklight Theater Company of the school featured a play called the Amish Project. The plot was about a man who went into an Amish schoolhouse in which he shot and killed six girls. This story is actually based on a true story that happened around 2006 in the Amish community.

Because of the story, one can imagine the theme around this play.

From a convenience store worker to the gunman himself, each character comes to life. Those trapped in cycles of grief or rage, all have a unique reaction

“Where was your God,” Senior actor Ariana said, “Where was your God when my husband took plastic ties and a jar of KY jelly to the schoolhouse!”

A tale of redemption that creates a trail of forgiveness and compassion in the aftermath of a bloodbath.

“I wanted the girls!” Isaiah said, “But the police came so fast…… so I shot them, each one, in the head…… then I shot myself.”

A story that grabs the point of view from everyone involved even if they weren’t part of the community at all. The theatre director explained that the play was to remember the shooting that happened in El Paso not that long ago in August.

“Why would someone do this.” Senior actor Pedro Garcia said, “Even if we could be inside Edward Stucky’s mind as drove up to the schoolhouse, as he……. we would still never really understand.”