New Furniture

Jaeden Green, Staff Writer

It’s the first week of second semester. Students pile into the library to check out new books or turn in old
books they accidentally kept over the Christmas break. But when they enter, they discover something’s
different. Brand new furniture fills the once empty spaces of the library. From sofas, chairs, and sleek new
tables to replace the old wooden ones.

Some students think that the school would never use district issued money for anything other than on the
school itself and not its students.

“The district had leftover money,” school librarian Ms. Guitarre said. “So they asked us if we wanted new
furniture and we said yes.”

students have been enjoying the new furniture as many of them in the morning or during lunch can be
seen lounging about on the new couches. tables, and chairs. But the extent of new things doesn’t just
extend to the library, multiple classrooms have brand new desks that make learning more comfortable.

“The chairs that come with the new desks have back support,” senior Josh Rubacabra said. “It really
makes sitting more comfortable and helps with people’s back issues.”

But not all students are enjoying the new furniture.

“It clutters up the library with unnecessary stuff,” senior Ryo Harris said. “Not everyone needs furniture to
lounge on, especially when they do more talking than reading.”