Final Exam Exemptions

Alexa Elias, reporter

 To be exempt from a final examination in any class, students must have three or fewer absences and have a 90% average. In addition, students must provide either a digital copy (smartphone, laptop, etc.) or a print-out of attendance for their teachers to verify. Students have to note excused codes on reverse, but they may not print out the attendance at school. Students must provide this form to all their teachers fill in grades.

I personally disagree with this rule because the school is requiring a print-out form of student’s attendance but students are not allowed to print their attendance in school. Not everyone has the access to a printer at home, so I don’t see what’s wrong with printing the attendance at school.

The some codes that do not count as one of the three absences against students are: FT (Field Trip), TST (Test), etcetera. The code MD, which means you have a medical absence does count against you. I think the district shouldn’t count the medical absences against the students.

Secondly other rules for the finals are students must attend every single review session, even if they’re exempt, they will receive a zero for any final examination if they fail to show up to any class from which they’re not exempt. Then, students may fail a class as a result of a zero on a final examination. Students may take a final examination even if they’re exempt, but only a score which will improve their average will be counted; and students may not leave early even if they have finished the examination before class is over.

I also disagree with students not being able to leave early even if they have finished the examination before class is over. I think it is better for students that have finished leave so that way they won’t be a distraction for students that are still testing. I think they should be more flexible in absences when it comes to the final examinations that way it is not another thing to stress over.