Class Out Policies Stifle Students

Colbie Cornell, Staff Reporter

As a result of the new EPISD policy, upper class students may not have outs if the student has completed their required classes and graduation hours. Class outs are very important to many students and need to be allowed not just for jobs.

Many students are encouraged to join extracurricular activities and school clubs. These activities take a lot of time away from the students’ day. As grade level increases so does the amount of work a student has and the difficulty of that work. Talking to multiple upper classmen, an out would do great justice. It would allow assignments to be done on time and not be dragged into the late hours of the night. Outs would greatly benefit students who deal with time management.

A large number of students are required to have so many hours of community service. Helping out the community is a great thing to be doing as high school students, yet the district does not support outreach as an acceptable reason for a class out – even with documentation stating the four W’s: what, when, where, and why. The district should be in support of outs for this purpose.

Some students have been offered a shadowing position with a local business or hospital. Although in a shadowing position you learn skills and practice certain works, it is not considered a reasonable reason to have an out period. Students have a firsthand chance to learn and experience lifelong lessons, yet the district does not consider it a plausible reason for an out. If extra time for schoolwork and being involved in community service are not good enough reasons to have an out period, having an unpaid job should definitely be a reason to hand outs to eligible students.

With so many good reasons to give out periods, EPISD needs to change their policy to help and support the students in what they aspire to do. Instead of having filler classes students can support themselves, change lives and communities, and learn skills needed in the work environment.