Student views for online schooling

Isabella Arenas, staff reporter

Many students at the moment are starting to get tired of online schooling and just want to go back to regular school. This may be understandable because they are stuck in their house all day and are not able to get that face to face bond with their friends. Even though some online classes can get a bit boring, there can still be some positives that come from learning online and through a screen.

“I don’t really like the whole idea of learning from online because it gets boring and I get distracted sometimes, but however I agree that they did it to prevent the spread from it,” junior Damian Chilcote said. “I have people I live with that I care about and I wouldn’t want them to get sick because of not social distancing at school.”

Staying home can prevent a fast-rising spread in El Paso the Coronavirus, which is now a worldwide pandemic. Something like learning through screens for a little bit can help the number of cases drop and from the virus spreading any more than it already has. Although, because we are learning from online the school schedule changes.

“I for sure love that we get two-hour lunches, like if only we got that for real school my life would be so much better, to be honest,” Sophomore Alexia Murillo said. “And also, we have shorter hours in online classes, so that’s a plus, cause if you finish everything you have the rest of the time to yourself.”

Since everyone has to stay home students have said that the district said to give normal assignments. Some have said it’s better for teachers to not give complicated or hard work since obviously there won’t really be anyone around to help with new subjects. In addition to that, the district has said that not all classes will have to take the finals due to the cancellation of school. For most classes the rule is, if you pass the class, you will not have to take the staar that is usually given around the end of April and the beginning of May.

“I’m so relieved I won’t have to take finals for some of my classes and that it will just go by your grade in that class,” Sophomore Anthony Huskey said. “I have strict parents so either way I most likely will pass all of my classes, so that’s a huge advantage on my side.”