Kimberly Nuñez

Snow in a dry bush.

Alexa Elias

 El Paso received snow!  

 In February 4 and February 11, 2020, El Paso received snow. According to the east and northeast El Paso picked up anywhere from a half inch to nearly 2 inches of snow, but it accumulated in grassy areas. Many schools delayed the start of classes Wednesday morning due to the weather conditions. 

 “I really liked coming to school late because I got a chance to sleep in,” freshman Andrea Nuñez said. 

 According to things to look out for will be slick driving conditions Tuesday evening, and Wednesday morning. After school activities were cancelled. Many students wanted to play in the snow, but some teachers wouldn’t let them because they were concerned that students could get injured by slippery floors and many other things. For that reason, teachers didn’t allow the students to go outside, nor grab snow. 

“I think they shouldn’t have let students play in the snow because students could have gotten injured,” freshman Isabella Aparacio said. 

 Many students complained about the situation; many didn’t agree and other were upset with the teachers not letting them go outside to play in the snow. 

 “I was pretty upset, because everyone should at least get an option to either play on the snow or not to,” freshman Naomi Nuñez said. “I personally believe that teachers should of let students play in the snow. It’s up to the students if they want to play or not but we should of at least have gotten an option. In El Paso it is very rare for snow to come, so if we have the opportunity we might as well get some time to play. It’s a one in a lifetime opportunity.”