The power of art

Many students express themselves through art pieces. See their thoughts behind them.


Romelo Rosario

Congressional art competition piece by Romelo Rosario.

Creativity, discipline, emotion, and passion are some words that describe art.

According to researchers have shown taking art classes increases people’s academic achievements and contributes to their positive social development. Additionally, according to exposure to and experience with the arts allows children to create, design, generate, and compose new ideas, further developing the creative thinking inherent in young children.

 “The ability to change somebody’s interpretation of the world, or offer them and opportunity to have a dee[er reflection on the subject if a piece of art has a strong definition or example of that occurrence,” senior Romelo Rosario said. This is his favorite thing about art. also claims that creative learners are big-picture global thinkers with a willingness to take risks and strive for excellence. They have high degrees of autonomy and demonstrate self-discipline in matters regarding work.

“A reason why is you know the grades or something like that you know it’s class they might not find it,” sophomore Abel Molina said. “They don’t feel motivated in class so they don’t have you know that energy to get their assignments done.”

 Although art can also help as a stress reliever. As an example drawing can help people distract from negative thoughts and encourages creative thinking.

 Some students participated in a Congressional Art Competition where congressmen offer a competition and had semifinalists.

“There are some that I have participated in my own account like the congressional art competition that was in May I believe this year. I was a finalist that year,” Romelo said. 

 In the competition he turned in a painting of an old woman and he wanted to focus on details because that’s what they were looking for and so he spent a lot of time on the wrinkles for that piece.

“To me competing is not important what’s important is to exhibit, to exhibit the work it’s more important than competing because competition just takes away from I think the fun of doing art its better if they exhibit, create, or they feel better about something that other people can see and show it and like feel proud enough to show it to other people.”

According to viewing art increases empathy, tolerance, and feelings of love.

“Everyone is an artist in their own way,” Romelo Rosario said.