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Teachers giving students too much Homework

December 12, 2019

Homework is something that is supposed to help with the work you do at school but students feel the opposite. Students have to attend school every day a week and go to a total of 8 classes doing school work for all those classes...

Senior Stress

December 11, 2019

 In the last year of high school parents are anxious, students are stressed and sometimes downright sullen, and admissions personnel are over whelmed according to  Here are some examples of things th...

Safety of Buses

Safety of Buses

December 9, 2019

Teachers, students have class concerns

Isabella Arenas

December 6, 2019

As the bell rings, hundreds of students make their way into first period class. Within minutes classes are packed, some with up to 38 students. Especially in high school, dozens of classes are filled with many students, in that...

Technology enhancing learning

Sarah Crotte

December 6, 2019

Technology has many advantages and disadvantages when it comes to teaching the students said, a website that focuses on helping students learn. “I think that technology does enhance learning ability since even...

Stress Causes Problems

Stress Causes Problems

November 21, 2019

Teachers Maintain Pride For Community

Sean Cartier, Staff Editor

November 21, 2019

“We’re preparing you for High School, High School teachers won’t be as lenient as I am.” “We’re preparing you for College, your professors won’t be nearly as lenient as I am, you're lucky.” These two statements...

cell phone policies

isabella arenas, meatballs

November 19, 2019

Cell phone policies were made to minimize distractions in classrooms while teachers teach, and students do class work or tests. Though lately students have found this policy unfair for a few reasons. Many have said cell phones...

Things to do in El Paso

March 26, 2019

We all know that there isn't a lot to do in El Paso. Yes, we have the movies or the mall but they all get old. Movies get old and just walking around the mall and spending money can get tiring and expensive. So, what could you...

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