How Do Students Cope With Family Members Attending Online School?

A few weeks ago, my parents were out of town, which left me having to take care of my brothers. One of my brothers is in a special program and he needs someone to help him with his schoolwork. Since my parents were gone this was going to be my responsibility. I set him up at my desk and sat him down in front of his iPad. I started joining my classes, but I realized I had to alternate from helping him to doing my assignments. It was extremely difficult, and I could see that we were both getting frustrated fast. Needless to say, I didn’t accomplish anything I had to do for school that day.

I consider myself lucky that it was only for a few days but regardless it slowed me down quite a bit. I knew I couldn’t have been the only student, or person, who’s had to do something like that. There’re probably hundreds or thousands of people who have to help their younger siblings with school, maybe they struggled like I did. Or maybe they’ve become accustomed to learning virtually this way. So how are students helping younger siblings during online learning affecting them?

For starters, I decided I would interview my friend Briana since she also has a younger sibling. Briana’s sister however does not attend online school since she’s not of age to attend school, but taking care of her is still Briana’s responsibility, aside from school.” She keeps me busy and active throughout the day which helps me to stop slacking off like I normally would.” She said when asked about how taking care of her sister affects her schoolwork. “But sometimes she’ll need me to do something for her and I’ll miss a meeting or come back to class and forget to do an assignment.” I asked how she saw herself dealing with school in the long haul and she replied with “I think I’ll be able to stay in line with all my homework because my sister’s going to end up getting mad at me for it.”

Other people’s experiences however, are not as positive as Briana’s are. A fellow student from Chapin who will remain nameless claims they need to become more adjusted to helped their younger siblings. “It’s really hard sometimes because one of my siblings can’t do things on his own so I’ll be doing my work and he’ll call me over to help him do a test or an assignment and I’ll have to stay by his side until the class is over or on a break” The students hopes are held high throughout their bumpy journey. “It’s hard but know the struggle is only temporary and things are starting to look up for us.”