Easter during Pandemic

Mia Palomares, Writer

Easter is a big celebration with your close family and friends. Many people throw parties others stay at home and eat candy. Everyone has their was of celebrating things but for everyone this year it’ll not be the same. Everyone will be at home celebrating with only the people in there home. This Easter may be different for many people because no one can really do anything. The reason Easter is a bum this year is because of this pandemic known as “Covid-19” also known as “the corona virus”. This virus is serious it’s shut down so many places around the world. In america hundreds of businesses are closed because of this pandemic. And your wondering where does Easter come into this. Easter i a celebration thousands of America’s spend each year and its a great celebration. But this year no one can do anything outside of their home.  I’ve talked to my friends who said they couldn’t really do anything beacuse they invite over people for easter but because of this pandemic they were unable too. This pandemic has ruined a lot of this wedding, birthdays , celebrations , sports , and everything in between. This pandemic has caused a lot of changes to everyone everyday lives. I’ve talked to some people and they have said  “Someone made a mistake n everyone else has to suffer”.  i do think this statement is realistic because one choice from someone somewhere has affected many across the world