What is Journalism?

Journalism is a class dedicated to documenting the latest news, trends, events, and drama that takes place in school.


“I thought it was a good learning experience,” yearbook student Kenneth Taylor said. “It taught us a lot about digital design and photography.”


Journalism teaches valuable skills that can be used and practiced in the real world. It’s a class, but it’s treated like a real job.


“I learned the responsibility of taking action,” said newspaper student Gissele Gutierrez . “And developing new ideas before a deadline.” Gissele gives advice to future students by saying, “Even though it can be frustrating, it ends up being fun.”



Most students can agree that even if they didn’t have fun in Journalism, they still learned many skills.



“I learned how to use a camera,” senior student trey said. “since i’ve never operated a professional camera before it was a unique experience.