Alyssa Heredia, Staff member

Recently this past weekend a rapper that’s most loved by teens currently, Jarad Anthony Higgins, known as Juice Wrld, passed at 21 years old, Sunday morning. The death took a huge toll on social media platforms and especially on fans. It seemed to appear that he had a seizure while walking in the Chicago midpoint airport, he shortly passed afterwards at the hospital.

All throughout the day people refused to believe it and were trying to make some sort of sense of it. In a song lyric he mentioned “won’t make it past 21”, basically saying how he knew he wasn’t going to be alive past that age. Along with mentioning other mysterious lyrics throughout his songs, about his tragic death. After the fact, many people began to make conspiracy theories of his death, which is no surprise since it’s often done with a lot of celebrities’ sudden deaths.

As the reports came out of the cause of the seizure/death it was learned that there was drugs involved, but isn’t always for a young rappers death. Drugs have become normalized in the rap industry and not many realize the outcome. As much as we try to promote why not to do drugs, it seems teens and adults don’t listen. We don’t understand that what more does it take to hear about many deaths caused by it and why they should stop, or get help to have a better, longer, healthier life? As a society we should push these influencers to realize how fans get into things as they promote it to them.

Additionally, fans shouldn’t keep posting certain things, as theories, or themselves coming up with other excuses of his death at a time like this when he has family and many important people in his life are trying to find a way to grieve such a tragedy. They should allow such an influencer as he was to rest in peace and keep him alive throughout his music. As our society, we should learn that drugs will always lead to a negative outcome, and there’s always people to help overcome the problem.