school bus seatbelts

Isabella Arenas, newspaper something


The job of a school bus driver can be pretty tough, driving a 10- ton vehicle and to the back are around 60 kids talking and moving around and at the same time still having to focus on the road. Many people do not have the patience to have that job and find it a bit challenging, and that is absolutely right. Everyday school buses take off carrying many kids all of which who don’t have any seatbelts. That means they are able to get up and walk the aisle, lean over, turn around which can distract the driver according to Safeguard.  Not only is that putting everyone on board at risk, but also everyone else on the road. Seatbelts ensure everyone’s safety and that they are seated correctly.

“I always find it so weird how schools want to protect their students, yet they don’t put seatbelts on their buses,” sophomore Gary Soto said. “I feel like it can help not distract the driver and have everyone safer whether it’s the students on the bus, other drivers, or even pedestrians.”

Everyday car crashes happen, and it one day may involve a school bus. A horrible scenario is scenario is a roll over. Students in the bus will be thrown around like clothes in a dryer. They will end up flying into seats, windows, walls, other students, and even the ceiling. Seatbelts can prevent that and there will be far less injuries stated Safeguard.

“Hopefully not, but if there was a crash it could definitely help rather than have everyone flying around,” says freshman Nizzalyn Cordova. “Even when the bus if doing fine I hate the feeling of the bus just moving you everywhere while it’s driving. If you are not seated properly you can literally fall on the floor, so imagine if a crash did happen.”

Numerous people think that seatbelts shouldn’t be on buses because it can slow down evacuations. If there happened to be an evacuation on a school bus everyone will be able to get out very quickly with just a click of a button. Even if the us was upside down they can still get out easier rather than being trapped under something or really hurt to even get up. Not being buckled up can have more serious injuries and be capable of not even evacuating at all according to Safeguard.

“I would feel much safer to get on a bus if there were seatbelts,” Sophomore Nathan Reyes said. “Not only me, but I would like to feel good when my little sister gets on the bus also.”