Finals Week Anxiety

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The second nine weeks of the fall semester is coming to a close, and with Christmas break quickly approaching, that means finals are upon us. Students are quickly rushing to turn in work and get their grades verified so they can know if they’re exempt or not, while others are preparing to test next week. It’s no secret that finals can be stressful for students.

“I feel anxious cause I don’t want to do another semester’s worth of testing, and there could be a ton of questions,” said Chapin high school student Alex Lowry.

Other students agreed by mentioning their anxieties and stress.

When asked if they’re stressed, they responded as if it were a rhetoric.

“Who wouldn’t be, this is my whole career.”

While some students feel confident in their abilities to perform, others aren’t so sure. A large number of students claimed they don’t test well, and that they fear failing their finals because of this.

“It’s not that I don’t know the subject, I’m just not a good tester.” Said an anonymous student here at Chapin.

The lack of self-confidence seems to be a very common thing among students.

It seems while some are studying and working hard, others don’t seem to be doing much to combat their growing worries. Some students even believe it’s odd that others aren’t exempt from their classes, saying that it’s quite easy, but for some students, it isn’t the grades that hold them back.

“I’ve just missed a day too many, so even if I have an above 90 overall, I’m still going to have to take it, so yeah, I’m nervous.” The anonymous student.

It seems that many feel uneasy during this time of testing, from nine-weeks assessments to their finals, but all seem to feel a bit better knowing that soon they’ll be on winter break.

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