Time to Speak Up for the Giraffes by Alexa Oaxaca


The presence of giraffes in human culture is outstanding as they have always been represented as an elegant and peaceful animal, often recognized for their unique physical appearance as well. To think that this beautiful animal is in the borderline of extinction is inconceivable.

According to a report filed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (UCN), there has been 40% drop in the global population of giraffes in the last three decades. In 1985, there were between 151,000-163,000 giraffes but in 2015 there were only a reported number of 97,562 with their conservation status being declared ‘vulnerable’ in 2016.  Who can we blame for this atrocity? Sadly, humans are to blame for this due to their role in habitat loss and poaching. The pursue for their meat, tail, and bone marrow as well trophy hunting has played a major role.  It has become a common belief among people in Tanzania that giraffe brains and bone marrow can cure HIV-Aids victims. Another common misconception among many people that severely affects giraffes is the belief that they are located everywhere due to the lack of accurate days

Due to this, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) has filed a petition that has called on the US Fish and Wildlife Service to offer up protection to giraffes. Masha Kalinina, international trade policy specialist with Humane Society International, told the paper, “Currently, no US or international law protects giraffes against over exploitation for trade. This petition is under a 90 day review, therefore we will find out soon if this endangerment will soon echo throughout the world and make people more aware.

What can you do to help the giraffes? You can visit the Action Wildlife Center to send a message to government leaders, stay informed, be an advocate for these animals that can not speak up for themselves!