Students Push for Holiday Spirit

Daniel McFadden, Staff Writer

Students have been putting in their opinions on what they’d like to see this holiday season. Some people have different opinions on how long the break is. Kids are trying to get events to happen at our school like a Christmas pep rally and things of that nature. 

Students have some good ideas on how they could bring the holidays to school. 

‘I think we should have a Christmas hat day, ”, Xavier  Smith said.

Some students don’t really agree with others ideas.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea because some people don’t celebrate the holiday”, Anthony Allen said.

Some students feel like being cozy is best for the holidays

“Maybe people should dress in pajamas charisma’s theme though”, Virgina said. 

Some students want the school to light up this holidays.

“The school should have Christmas lights on the school building” Desert-Rain Martin said.