Classrooms Being Too Cold For Comfort

Joshua Laboy, Staff Writer

Ever since intersession ended, classrooms have been feeling a lot colder. Students have started to complain more about the temperature of the classrooms, saying the temperatures are uncomfortable. 

The custodians control the temperature that the rooms are set at, not the teachers. 

“We set the classroom to about 70 degrees, which is about medium temperature not too cold not too warm” 

Students find the classes cold, such as Brissa Dominguez. She believes that her classes are too cold for comfort and causes her to lose focus in class. She wishes that classes were not so cold. 

“The classes didn’t really to start to feel cold until the end of the quarter” Bryan Del Rio said, “it used to feel perfect not too cold and not too hot.” Dominguez said.

Teachers have been wearing sweaters more often now due to classrooms temperatures being so low. 

Many students feel that classrooms are too cold and some feel that they are perfect temperature. 

A survey was done to ask whether they think classrooms are uncomfortable or not. 1/3 of the students surveyed felt that the classrooms were very uncomfortable and too cold for them. 

Students have been less focused in class due to the temperature of the rooms. Students feel their grades have been affected by it.

“My grades have been declining because it’s way too cold,” freshman Khloe Jensen said. “I’m more focused on getting a hoodie from my friends, instead of my schoolwork.” 

Students are more prone to get distracted in class due to uncomfortable temperatures, which will lead to poor academic results in class and over in the school. 

“My grades have been declining because of these temperatures in classrooms, and im scared when it starts getting colder outside, rooms are gonna be colder.” Wendy Lujan said.