What Families think about Cohen WaterPark

What Families think about Cohen WaterPark

Angelina Macias, staff writer

The new waterpark is called Camp Cohen Waterpark and is located on Gateway N Blvd. It just opened on May 29th and many families attended the place that day.


The tickets did in fact sell out on the opening day according to the Camp Cohen Waterpark. It is open seven days a week from 11am to 6pm every day.


“I did enjoy going because I kind feel like with this waterpark opening were kind of almost back to normal again like how things were before COVID had happened” said Mia Lopez.


“I had a lot of fun going all though I’m not going to lie I did really feel that there were way too many people there and not much social distancing also mostly everyone did not have a mask on” said Max Fernandez.


“Although the waterpark wasn’t that large like wet n wild it was very different and still fun even though there a lot of people there” said Mia Lopez.


Also, Oasis waterpark is opening on June 6 it is located on Jason Crandall drive. It’s one of the four water parks that there’s going to be. Those four water parks are: Camp Cohen, Oasis, Lost Kingdom, and Chapoteo.


They are all mini waterparks but all of them are in fact located in El Paso. That means this summer there will be those waterparks available and wet n wild waterpark for people to go visit.