Juniors take SAT on new date after Texas freeze

Christian Gallardo, Staff Editor

After the freeze that Texas experienced, testing materials for the SAT did not arrive on time for the juniors to take it on the original testing date which was March 3. Juniors took the SAT on March 24. 

The test took place on a Wednesday which meant that it was an asynchronous day for all other students. Juniors who took the test arrived on campus and went to their designated classrooms. 

“I think that the freeze here in Texas was kind of beneficial to me at least,” junior Donovan Jones said. “It gave me additional time to study the material on the test.” 

Teachers like math instructor Chloe Vasquez said that the students should have taken advantage and study the concepts being tested as it was material they have not seen in a while according to her. 

“It would be good practice, so the material stays fresh for the day of the test,” Vasquez said. 

According to testing coordinator Cristina Zuniga, the only setback to postponing the March 3 SAT administration was there might not be a make-up day. 

This setback will affect my testing schedule if there was a make-up day after March 24,” Zuniga said. “The end-of-course (EOC) exams begin the first week of April and SAT should not be given during EOC exams.” 

Counselor Omar Munoz says that the test postponing should not affect the original logistics of the plan. 

“Everything we do may be affected in different ways and in this situation, our school has the ability to reschedule and keep the same students who opted to test for the previous date,” Munoz said. The original plan can still work.