Ghost tours available in town

Desert-Rain Martin

The El Paso ghost tours are an event conducted by two different paranormal societies downtown. The primary group, Ghosts 915, was founded three years ago. While the sister group goes by the name Lost El Paso. 

These ghost tours benefit anyone interested in the supernatural by adding depth to the history of our very own town.  

“These tours are an excellent way for anyone interested to receive credible background information of the history of El Paso, as well as a general knowledge of the paranormal,” said Bonnie Juarez of Ghosts 915. 

 Jessica Nevarez of the Lost El Paso feels the same about her group’s tours. 

“Our tours focus more on the history of downtown El Paso, rather than the paranormal. However, we still attempt to include some elements of the supernatural,” she said. 

 The groups split on their creative differences. Both groups conduct their tours a little differently. The Lost El Paso tour guides dress up during the tour.

“We mainly do this to show pride. All the guides are working on a volunteer basis, yet we enjoy doing this to show we care,” Nevarez said. 

 These tours are able to honor the deceased while giving information on the locations 

“The main reason we hold these tours is to inform the public of the history of Downtown El Paso,” Juarez said.  “It’s one of the simplest ways we can honor the legacy of these deceased people, and the locations we feature.”