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War & Peace

Lena Brown

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War & Peace

There once were two brothers,
Though from different mothers.
One was a bit rougher and liked to give pain,
While the other helped recover those who got in the way.
Yet they always had a balance;
Despite every challenge.

War was his name.
The son who liked to play  games.
While Peace was his double,
Who got rid of the trouble.
So when War ever appeared,
He would always be feared.

Unlike his brother, Peace,
Who will always achieve the love of the people,
The young and the crippled.

Yet don’t be deceived
By the image of Peace,
Because under the skin
Is War’s destruction,
War who brings abduction and seduction,
Action and corruption,
Will always be around,
Despite the horrors and the shouts,
Or even what peace we allow.


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War & Peace