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In the Perspective

To see the world in one perspective is ignorant,
Making the people more arrogant.
The world is not black and white;
There is depth in its plight.

Look at a person, really try,
Smiling is a mask for the lie.
A person hurts but hides the pain.
They feel that there is nothing to gain.

Open your eyes!
Deception is always in disguise.
Don’t look at the lucid surface,
But rather the purpose.

A gift is not being unaware
Because if it is, you do not care.
The world needs people to sympathize.
If not, people’s soul will wither away and die.
Ignorance is never bliss,
It is the truth that you miss,
To see the world in one perspective is ignorant,
Don’t help make it arrogant.

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In the Perspective